Pshychological Warfare

Psychological warfare is integral part of IW. Chinese call IW – ‘xinxi zhanzheng’ and they are aiming for total dominance in this area, calling it – ‘zhi xinxi quan’.

Information warfare depends upon how fast one gathers data, assimilates it, converts or falsifies it, and retransmit it before the opponents get their wits about it. This includes two components, modern information technology, and age old human component. Information technology consists of hardware and software. A chip serves as the brain of a computer, smartphone and now the latest, Internet of Thing(IoT). China wants to dominate this industry for obvious reasons and that can be gathered from the nervousness in the western world. China is scrambling to buy the world’s biggest of the chip-making companies by hook or by crook. Out of 50 largest chip-making companies, China owns 10. China exports 48% of the worlds mobile phones. They also export 40.9% of world’s computer devices. They are trying to outdo every competition in cellphone tower business. And now one can see same desperation in cellphone 5G dominance. One may argue that every country has its right to do business under WTO. If it was a simple business, then well and good, but here something nefarious is going on.


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